Biotechnology:Making Tempeh

This time ,i would like to share with all my beloved friends about making tempeh.Do you know about tempeh?A kind food which make of soya bean.In biotechnology we learn how to create this food.But may be,nowadays there is a new technique in producing it.I just show you all the conventional method to make it.

  1. You need 300g of soy bean and soaked them at 25 c for 2 nights.This 2 nights needed to grow the bacteria which can produce organic acids.Then peeled the skin of soy bean and drained it.
  2. After that boiled with 3 tablespoons of vinegar for 30 minutes which will provide acidic condition.
  3. Drained it again,cool and mix with 1 tablespoon of vinegar.
  4. Inoculate with mixed Rhizopus spp( white because not sporulate in anaerobic condition)
  5. Then packed it in plastic wrapper and incubate at 32c for 20 hours.Thats it.NOW YOU CAN GET TEMPEH.

We learn in our fungal biotechnology class.So you can try.But I think now there`s modern techniques to produce it much easier and faster.


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