When u love someone who doesn`t love u...

Salam ceria,

My heart saying and pushing me to think more bout partnership. Even I always thinking it..but no solution coming out. Some say…i`m perfectionist. Some say..no la.U ok je. Don`t know what to say...maaa..

U think u can love someone who doesn`t luv u? Talking about this matter 4 me is suitable in English.Because when I start to write in malay..then my thought..my heart …and all of my mind seem to pounded.Oh nooo...

Let`s change the topic to something more interesting.

Night is the best time to be with family. Giggling and discussing giving me more knowledge on understanding others especially my mum. When started reading `Men From mars women from venus`..i know that my mum is different.The books tell me about it. Seems that all women in the world repeating the same thing because they came from the same `planet`.

While resting my mind, just looking the tv shows , … `nur kasih` I think it is a new love series drama …about adam who doesn`t love nur..but forcing to married her. Poor adam. But he didn`t take the real act on solving the problems.Problems between him and nur and between him and his former girlfriend.

Nur seems very tough to face this situation. How patience she is? The first night...hehe. That guy giving promise not to touch her...I`ve only seen the first episode..For more info you have to watch it . Is that any love when u married someone who doesn`t love u. I think there is a love. Love come when u start to know someone verywell. Lets share something about it...

Or may be you can tell me the next episode of nur kasih....hehe..


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When u love someone who doesn`t love u...
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